The third arm through AI – automated bookkeeping and accounting

Automated bookkeeping and accounting? Is that a sci-fi thriller?
Seasoned truckers are skeptical about the benefits of automated bookkeeping, but when you think about it, how different is automated bookkeeping  from outsourcing it?

In one case you pay for a service and someone else does the work: this is outsourcing at a fundamental level. When outsourcing to human hands, we forgo our own oversight in exchange for expertise, but how much of that expertise overlooks our wishes? In what ways would you perform the tasks of an expert to benefit you? These are more personal questions not limited to domain expertise, but to the extension of an individual. 

When talking about automation, we often think of robots doing tasks for us, when truly they could be a third arm to reach our long-term goals with smaller margins of error.

Let’s break this down further in the domain of trucking, where, through a medley of miles and brief sleep, paperwork flows into boxes to be crunched at a later date. Filing systems are, of course, solutions, but these solutions are not in line with the solutions given by modern technology.

DUKE.AI eliminates human error and puts power back in the Owner Operator’s hands, the truth is that automation increases control, oversight, and profits.

“But wouldn’t an increase in control and oversight mean that there is no automation?”

That is a good question. The case is that DUKE is a platform that automates reports for Owner Operators in exchange for their manual uploads of receipts, settlement statement, PODs, invoices, receipts for fuel, maintenance, repairs, etc. This is where control and oversight come into play: we give drivers the ability to take control of their own paperwork while we do all the accounting work for them. With our platform drivers can put away all those pesky things that wind up in dark boxes as afterthoughts for a later date. Make them all digital, and we will do the rest.

Our newest innovation with IFTA tracking has brought our drivers solace on their tax liability. We eliminate any manual entry from a this time-consuming task, as well as the aforestated.

We give owner-operator automation that gives them more control over the highest liabilities in trucking through their scanned documents. Their oversight is with them every step of the way as they scan documents, and we, as a result, generate weekly reports on figures for profit, profit-per-mile, year-to-date tax liability, and loss. Most drivers do not know how much they make per mile, and even with outsourced bookkeeping, the number often remains a mystery,  but you no longer have to be in that category.

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