New Year, New Upgrades For Business-Building Truckers/Tapping Into Tax Season Success Inside the App

Do you have a vision for conquering the tax year in 2022? The DUKE app is the number one way we saw truckers working smarter, not harder, to grow their trucking businesses in 2021. And the Duke Team wants to help you achieve your 2022 dreams too! 

Starting in January, when you get an email from DUKE Bookkeeping, we’re going to show you how to reach stealthy trucking CEO status. And as part of that effort, we’ve power-packed the DUKE app with new upgrades including:

  • Put your bookkeeping on auto-pilot. can now read transactions directly from  your bank account. 
  • Smarter “always on” IFTA tracking you can now leave on (at work or at rest)
  • Improved IFTA reports (with charts), tallying your actual taxes owed, computing your profit margin and profit per mile.
  • Even greater intelligence built into Load Document Management / Verification (with FAST bank factoring to come!)
  • Document Scanner,  allows you to upload all types of documents to
  • And MORE advancements at our best price yet: $99 for the year or $10 a month

Automating : IFTA | Bookkeeping | Factoring Invoicing

IFTA Tracking Made Even Better

Staying on top of what you earn and what you owe in taxes is a big factor to trucker and carrier success. So with tax advantages in mind, when our trucking friends wanted to run the DUKE app continuously, we set out to fine tune the app’s IFTA function. As a result, IFTA reports now accommodate truckers who might not want to toggle off the app when their shift ends!

Proof of Delivery With Instant BOL and Rate Sheet Matches

How much frustration could we save our trucking friends who’re periodically sorting, scanning and emailing factoring paperwork? 

Upgrades to the Proof of Delivery feature in the DUKE app is certain to save hours of frustration, now that the Proof of Delivery function features more robust DLL and Rate Sheet matching. Plus we’ve improved how even faded-looking BOLs or wrinkled Rate Sheets get read by the app, alongside new automation that reconciles Rate Sheets with PLDs. We consider it our triple-win – making it even more beneficial to your 2021 trucking success to run your rig with the DUKE app.

What’s next for the DUKE app?

We’re always taking trucker feedback. Your feedback inspires us – to keep our pricing fair. To keep making the app even better. And to honor our commitment to keep up with what America’s Road Warriors need and want. You’re always welcome to send a note to, so we can address any issues you have from our headquarters deep in the heart of Texas.

The DUKE app lets you tap into what you’ve earned AND what you owe in taxes with very little effort and expense. At just $99 a year, DUKE offers you a tool from trucking industry insiders making trucker bookkeeping and accounting simple, accessible and affordable for EVERY driver and carrier company in America.