AI Back office Agent
Delivering A Faster, Cheaper and Secure Payment experience

Invoicing, Audit and Payment workflows for the freight industry is stuck in the previous century and wrecking profits, cash flow and operational costs!

Remove manual inspection and data entry with's
Fully Automated Back Office Agent.

Build Your Own Document Processing Applications Using DUKE.AI SLiM 3.0
(Small Language Inference Model)

the Trucking Industry's Only
Fully Automated AI Back office Agent

Connecting Shippers, Brokers, Factors and Carriers onto an accelerated invoicing, audit, billing and payment platform.. will perform all the back office tasks related to document management, invoice generation, invoice auditing, billing and payments.

See your invoice volume increase and back office costs drop to just a few cents per invoice!!!

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Truck Owner Operators Get Paid, Effortlessly manage your books, track profit, taxes, IFTA and more, with our trucking accounting software.  

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