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Introducing DUKE.AI:  Automated Bookkeeping & Accounting

Software platform created to improve bottom line profits
for owner-operators in the transportation industry

ADDISON, TEXAS (08/22/2019) – Addison TreeHouse-based startup DUKE-AI, LLC proudly announces the launch of the DUKE.AI SaaS platform and mobile app, serving all levels of the transportation industry. DUKE.AI is designed to streamline accounting for big rig operators, carriers and accounting firms.

The DUKE.AI mobile scanner app replaces paper trails and time-consuming data entry with technology that reads documents, including settlement statements, straight from any mobile phone’s camera or by forwarding attachments via e-mail. Founder Marcus Cooksey notes, “Managing several trucks of my own, DUKE.AI was designed so paperwork couldn’t stand in the way of getting home to dinner or having taxes filed on time.”

Planned updates to DUKE.AI, including nudges from the software, soon will make mindful spending on the road as accessible as fast food restaurants.

How it works

DUKE.AI interprets and processes settlement statements and other complex financial documents.  Reports, such as profit-per-mile, estimated IRS tax and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), allow an owner-operator to see how daily decisions impact financial outcomes.

Who it benefits

With a steady stream of new transportation-industry users since its May 2019 launch, the DUKE.AI app is available nationwide as a free download to Apple and Android users. Its soon-to be-released desktop portal is shareable with accounting professionals—offering a dashboard view of journal entries and documents stored securely—for rapidly completing quarterly and annual tax filings.

Marcus Cooksey, “With our software, owner-operators aren’t required to know complex accounting software to do bookkeeping or tax calculations. In fact, the DUKE.AI app doesn’t even have a touch keyboard, because there’s no manual data entry needed.”

DUKE.AI is also a tool for accountants interested in building up their tax and advisory services over processing paperwork. Accounting firms can easily double or triple their transportation clientele without adding costs to their operation. “Our CPA-friendly service is making shoe boxes full of receipts a thing of the past,” states Cooksey.

Of the DUKE.AI software debut at the Dallas-hosted Great American Truck Show that runs from August 22 to August 24, 2019, Cooksey remarks, “We are already gaining so much traction with owner-operators and carriers. As a fleet owner myself, I can hardly wait to put this app in as many trucks, Amazon couriers, Lyfts and Ubers on the road as we can.”

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DUKE-AI, LLC delivers a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate bookkeeping and accounting for the transportation industry. Founder Marcus Cooksey, CEO and software engineer, and co-founder Viswanath Puttagunta are joined by investors Reginald Joseph and Scott Roller, former Texas Instruments executives, in launching DUKE.AI to carriers and owner-operators nationwide. For enterprise use, DUKE.AI offers easy integration with QuickBooks and transportation management systems (TMS). For more information, photography or to request an interview, please contact Marcus Cooksey at (831) 350-4529 or e-mail

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