FreightWaves What The Truck – Comeback Story Interview with Marcus Cooksey

FreightWaves Podcast Interview with Marcus Cooksey


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Introducing DUKE.AI:  Founders in Freight Tech

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DALLAS, TEXAS (02/3/2021) –   DUKE.AI CEO, Marcus Cooksey, was interviewed by What The Truck Podcast hosts, Michael Vincent and Timothy Dooner.  During the interview, Marcus reveals his comeback story from being a loader at UPS, then spending years as a software engineer to starting

The DUKE.AI mobile scanner app replaces paper trails and time-consuming data entry with technology that reads documents, including settlement statements, straight from any mobile phone’s camera or by forwarding attachments via e-mail. Founder Marcus Cooksey notes, “Managing several trucks of my own, DUKE.AI was designed so paperwork couldn’t stand in the way of getting home to dinner or having taxes filed on time.”

The Dude says Cooksey’s company was more about solving observed pain points in the industry instead of trying to break in with a shiny new product, and Cooksey agrees that having personal experience with he major problems in transportation was the key to building a successful company.

Tune in and learn more on’s branding philosophy, tips for startups and the all time 90s hip hop album.

FreightWaves – Founders in Tech Full Interview with Marcus Cooksey

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