Financial Checkup for Your Trucking Business

Do you enjoy health checkups? 

Hopefully your response is yes, but if the answer is no, then let’s ponder on why?

Could it be that doctor visits interfere with time you could be working? 

Perhaps fear of a negative diagnosis causes you apprehension? 

Maybe you’re concerned about the cost?

At, we find many owner operators have similar reactions to business financial check ups.

  1. They’re embarrassed about thin profits or operating at a loss
  2. Some are aware they need financial help and cash flow, but don’t know the solution
  3. Others are concerned about the high cost of financial advisors, CPAs and bookkeepers

No person knows it all.  We all need help at times without the cost, complexity and judgement.

Which is why is offering comprehensive, low cost managed bookkeeping and tax assistance starting at $30/month.


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