getting started with APIs

Lower Operating Costs Processing Invoices

 Reduce R&D Effort 

Go To Market Fast!!!

The Load Manager goes beyond just uploading, organizing and managing documents.’s Load Document Manager

  1. Allows users to transmit documents to any 3rd party.
  2. Automatically creates invoices during the transmission process
  3. Allows carriers to get paid faster with our network of partnered brokers, factoring companies and shippers.
  4.  Auto generates audit analytics so brokers, factorer and shippers can  make faster payment decisions.
  5. Connects to Quickbooks, Netsuite, Zoho and proprietary payments software to perform automatic Account Payment Setup.
  6. Provides payment status to carriers

Our collection of APIs will enable you to build custom applications built around DUKE.aI's document management and processing workflows to eliminate manual back office processing and speed up payments.
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Setup Manage Load API Collection in Postman


The easiest way to start evaluating the Manage Load API is with our Postman Collection. These instruction will help you with downloading and installing the Postman collection. 

  1. Download and unzip the DUKE-Manage-Load-Postman Collection 

  2. Create a new workspace in Postman.  Use whatever name you like.  In this example the Workspace is named “DUKE.ai_Load_Management”

  1. Next import the Load Management API collection.  Click  import and select all of the *.json files in the “Manage_Load_API” folder

After importing the collection your workspace should display all the APIs of the “DUKE Manage Load” collection (see screenshot below)

  1. Select “ - Backend SDK” as the environment from the upper right corner of Postman.  Now you can send Load Document Management requests to

  1. Insert Values For The Prerequisite Field Cust_id, Client_id And Api_key.  The Client_id Is The Email Address Used To Register For The API Collection.  Remember To Click  “Save”.

NOTE: You should already have received a client_id and api_key.  If you don’t already have the client_id and api_key, submit a request in the registration form here.


  1. First you’ll need to Authenticate before you make any load management requests to

Click on the authenticate API and click the send button.


Create New Load

  1. Next Create a new load.  In this load the new load id is “6b083934-41ca-4526-af86-5320d97b65a0



Upload Load Document

  1. Upload A Load Document  You’ll Need To Change The Filename And Filebytes Parameter To The Specific Filename And Corresponding Base64 Encoded Image Byte Data.  Use This Tool To Convert Your File To Base64 Encoding->Base64_Encoder.  Then Paste The Value In The Filebytes Parameter.


       “Filename”: “TQL_10009.Pdf”,

       “Filebytes”: “JVBERi0xLjMNCjEgMCBvYmoNClsvUERGIC9UZXh0IC9JbWFnZUIgL0ltYWdlQyAvSW1hZ2VJXQ0KZW5kb2JqDQoxMSAwIG9iag0KPDwgL0xlbmd0aCA0OTI5IC9GaWx0ZXIgL0ZsYXRlRGVjb2RlID4+IHN0cmVhbQ0KeJy1XVtz27iSfj9V8x+WZ/Yhs5XQxI0Ep7a2VrHliWody5GUycxu9kGR6YQnungkOZfz67cBAiB4Ewkqm1QlNix8/AHRje4mAPqnv/2FsAhClHD4h8cRiuIEvtqn6B3a/GQ/JSwMIhyhmNEAC0RpHPCEIhwFlNiPvVygi2toxEGSJGjxgEL1d/8RccqCmERocYMo/JgSAUgiYAwt7hFBiz0KA8oo+Qq7zH5DzxZvbtBstBijy+Nt9WT2erSYTG/R9XSG7qY/I8wJE”



Get Load Information

  1. Query DUKE to confirm the was created load and load documents have been uploaded.  Under “User Load Data” collection Select “Get Specific Load”


Transmit Load

  1. Transmit the load documents to a recipient.

  2. Change the default recipient or load id value in the environments to the desired recipient and load_uuid